Ocean Rain Hand Sanitiser - 1000ml Cartridge (Case of 6)

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Ocean Foam Hand Sanitiser from Pacific Hygiene.

Alcohol based Hand Sanitiser that meets WHO standards for alcohol based sanitisers.  An easy and convenient way to improve hand hygiene.  No soap or water required.
  • Ideal for food processing, healthcare and professional   environments.   MPI Approval C54
  • Large 1000ml Capacity means less frequent cartridge replacement.
  • Soft bag + Easy Push dispenser design makes use easy in all settings. Ideal for use in child care and aged care facilities.
  • Quick and easy cartridge replacement with built in trasparency for product level monitoring.
  • Comes with six (6) refill cartridges.
  • Compatible with Pacific Hygiene Soap & Sanitiser dispenser.

Dispenser options: White(Automatic or Manual), Black(Manual) or Stainless(Manual)  Dispensers sold separately