Rubbermaid High Security Cleaning Cart

Regular price $1,099.95

The High-Security Janitorial Cleaning Cart is a secure cart, featuring quiet casters and ball-bearing wheels along with a preassembled locking hood and doors.

  •  Storage capacity offers 40% more space than traditional carts so user spends less time retrieving supplies and more time completing the task at hand
  • Preassembled locking security hood speeds up assembly and ensures all products will be secure.
  • Secure cabinet doors keep cleaning supplies concealed from view and locked up when carts are unattended.
  • Mop bucket platform with securing grooves keeps WaveBrake® or microfiber charging buckets (FGQ95088YEL) securely attached to cart.
  • Durable 8" ball bearing wheels and quiet 4" casters make maneuverability easy and quiet for workers.